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Latin – The Language We All Know

I love buying cheap second-hand books, especially if they are in a foreign language, no matter I understand or need it or not. This one, IANUA NOVA, is a grammar exercise book for the German-speaking Latin learners, and I bought it last year just for 4 Turkish Lira (1 US Dollar). Neither do I speak German, nor do I have any serious commitment to learn Latin. But it feels nice to know what kind of material other people speaking another language have when they are learning a language I once attempted to learn yet failed.

Studying Latin is fun. When you study Latin, unlike living languages, you will encounter fabular phrases in your exercise book, like “The girls saluted the soldiers”, “The slave listened to the master”, “I applauded the poet”, “The emperor conquered new countries” etc.. It is never like “How can I go to the post office?” or “What kind of music do you like listening to?”. I believe that is not merely because Romans didn’t have post offices (or did they?) and they weren’t…